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Anything you can do to help will make a difference.


Whether you've got 30 seconds to sign our petition

 or a few more minutes to spread the word,

we're hugely grateful for your support.

The decision will be taken far away from us in Holyrood,

so we need everyone's help to have community interests

heard above commercial interests. 

30 seconds /
Sign our petition

Every single voice matters. Please sign our online petition here to show SSEN, the Highland Council and the Scottish Government - who will be making this decision - the depth of feeling on this issue. ADD LINK HERE

1 minute / 
Stay in contact

We'd love to keep you updated on our campaign. We promise your details will be kept safely and for that purpose only.

2 minutes /
Follow us on social media,
and spread the word

3 minutes / 
Write to those who represent us to urge them to help

Follow us on social media, share with friends and tag us in

Keeping the pressure on  those making the decision is crucial. Please email: who will be making this decision and copy in our campaign

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